Karing Headbands

My cousin Richard.
Oh man, what can I say about Rich?
I remember years ago when he moved to AZ, he was literally the funniest person I had ever met in my entire life.
I would get mad at him for making me laugh without even trying.
He would get mad at me for laughing at him for no apparent reason.

I love that kid.
I love his beautiful wife.
I love their amazingly adorable twins.

And I love their nonprofit organization Kare for Kaimen.

Their son Kaimen was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy, 

a condition that prevents him from being able to sit up, crawl, or walk. 

Being the amazing parents that Richard and Kristen are, 

they want to make the best life they possibly can for their brave little man, 

and they need our help to do it. 

I can't do much... but what I can do is make stuff! 

I'm selling these super cute headbands for $10 a pop. 

100% of the proceeds go to Kaimen... 

So check these out, buy a few, and help out!

The Knotty Knot
Mixed Assortment

The Braid

The Twist

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