Who's MoMo?

Who am I?
Well I'm MoMo.
Nice to meet you.

Readers Digest version of me..
I'm the youngest of six pretty cool siblings.
All of which I look up to.
Well not literally, because I am the tallest.
I'm super tall.
Like, lie about my height, kind of tall.
My dad's a welder.
And tall. Super tall.
My mom's everything.
And beautiful. Super beautiful.
I met my soul mate in 2008. (hey that rhymes)
He stalked me so naturally I married him.
And it helped that he's really REALLY hot. Smoking hot. Good golly.
First comes love, then comes marriage...
And then comes the most beautiful little creation that has ever graced the face of this earth.
That's not how the rhyme goes?
Oh... But that's how my life went.
My baby, Baby Reign, is my world.
You could say she,  "Reigns my world"..
Hahaha... oh man. She's gonna get that her whole life.
It's because of her that I started getting all crafty and crap.
Gotta make cute stuff for my baby girl.

And that's about it for me...
At least, all of the important stuff.


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